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Luna Facts!

Posted by Crystal Loh on Thursday, May 13, 2010,
my exams are over now so I'm here to spam some facts :D
♥ She is a Christian
♥ Her whole family is musically inclined
♥ Casted after dancing on 'Truth Game' (SBS) in 2006
♥ She sang in 'Get Down' by SHINee! (background sounds)
♥ Duetted with SHINee's Onew - Beauty and the Beast on KJE's Chocolate Talk Show
♥ She earned the nickname 'Wave Girl' due to the waves she did on Truth Game. 
♥ SHINee's Taemin said that the waves she did on the show were EXTREME. 
♥ Duet with Krystal - ...

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Newly Opened!

Posted by Crystal Loh on Saturday, May 8, 2010,

I just created this website for the Twitter account @LunaFacts!

This website is still in its 'testing' period, so after check it out, please @reply me your comments and suggestions!


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